Non-Stick coatings
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Clear FusionV™

One of the best ways to keep surfaces clean without using daily cleaning chemical or products is to transform the surface into a non-stick surface. This causes the water to bead-up and repel off the surface, leaving it cleaner. The few small droplets that do not run off the glass can easily be wiped away with your bath towel or a microfiber towel.

If you're too busy for that, one of the additional benefits is that you can let water dry on the surface after use and then return the following day after your next shower, and simply wipe away that days water as well as any residue left behind from the previous day's shower.

Contact Angle

Water that touches a surface will generally stick to the surface. This is generally because of the contact angle being low, or making the water cling to the surface.

When a surface is treated with a protective coating, it then has a much higher contact angle, and will bead up. Surfaces coated tend to repel the water, causing it to run-off when there is a sufficient volume of water present. Many coating have a range of effectiveness and durability.

Each 4 ounce bottle can protect up to 200 square feet of surface area.

The same coating process can be used on the windows, windshields, porcelain sinks, toilets and granite countertops throughout your home.

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