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Hard water stain removal on Porcelain Sinks, Toilet Bowls and Tile

The Simple Cleaning Solution™ for hard water stain removal from porcelain sinks The Simple Cleaning Solution™ for hard water stain removal from porcelain toilets

Tried every cleaner on the market to remove the hard water stains from your shower tile?

Is the hard water stain line around your toilet bowl so difficult to remove that you have considered using a jack hammer on them?

Does your sink have water stains and rust stains that won't come off?

Don't despair and throw in the towel. You don't need to purchase new toilets just yet.

All you really need is the Simple Cleaning Solution™.

Step-by-step guide from the experts: How to REALLY remove hard water stains from toilet bowls.

You first need to turn off the water supply to the toilet. Usually you will find a knob located in the back of the toilet, near the floor. Twist the plastic or metal knob all the way to the right to shut off the water supply.

Next, flush the toilet. The bowl will fill back up again from the water that was stored in the reservoir tank. Flush a second time and you should have notice that only a portion of the bowl refills (since you turned off the water supply from the wall).

Next, put on a pair of rubber gloves, and take a small paper or Styrofoam cup to manually remove and transfer the remaining water in the bowl into a bucket or other water-tight container.

You then follow the cleaning instructions on the side of the can (wet towel, sprinkle on the Simple Cleaning Solution, scrub in a circular motion, rinse and repeat if stains are deeply ingrained).

Stains are usually quite aggressive when to comes to toilet bowls. Once the bowl becomes dry, you will notice more visible hard water stains than when the surface was wet, and it will require you to be persistent in scrubbing the stains.

A shortcut might be to take a new razor blade and scrape off a portion of the heavy build-up first before using the Simple Cleaning Solution. You might notice that the razor blade appears to be making black marks on the toilet surface. This is to be expected if your glaze has been damaged over the years by abrasives like a pumice stone. When you follow up by scrubbing with the Simple Cleaning Solution, you will remove these black marks in addition to removing the hard water stain residue.

Wipe the surface with a wet towel and wipe with a dry towel. Look at the surface from different angles to see the reflective shine on the clean porcelain surface.

After going through this effort, you might wish to consider using our Clear Fusion surface seal to help reduce future hard water stain build up and make cleaning easier. You can purchase it from our website too.

When you are satisfied with your cleaning results, reach behind the toilet and turn the water supply back on (by turning the valve/knob back to the left). Your reservoir will refill. When you hear the water stop running, the reservoir is full and you know it is ok to flush the toilet.

Getting Started

The first step in removing your hard water stains is to "set up' and prepare your cleaning towel with the proper moisture and Brite & Clean product. Watch this video to learn how...

Cleaning by Hand

In this simple video, learn how to quickly and easily remove stubborn hard water stain accumulation as well as remove any oxidation and corrosion.

Faster Cleaning with Power Tools

Think your hard water stains are impossible to remove? It might just be that you have heavy corrosion and etching that would benefit from a little help from a power tool like a common hand sander.

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