Granite & Quartz
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Removing Hard Water Stains from Granite and Quartz materials

Modern homes use of beautiful natural granite and man-made or engineered quartz in the home's bathrooms and kitchen looks great when its new and clean...not so much when it has lost its shine due to hard water stain build-up

Use BRITE & CLEAN'S Ultimate Hard Water Stain Remover® to get rid of stains around the base of the faucet's fixtures. It truly is amazing how well it works, we GUARANTEE it.

Getting Started

The first step in removing your hard water stains is to "set up' and prepare your cleaning towel with the proper moisture and Brite & Clean product. Watch this video to learn how...

Cleaning by Hand

In this simple video, learn how to quickly and easily remove stubborn hard water stain accumulation as well as remove any oxidation and corrosion.

Faster Cleaning with Power Tools

Think your hard water stains are impossible to remove? It might just be that you have heavy corrosion and etching that would benefit from a little help from a power tool like a common hand sander.

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