Spotless Shower Doors Kit (A-BC-SS)
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hard water stain remover


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Brite & Clean Spotless Shower Doors Kit

About the product

  • Perfectly sized for the Individual size project
  • Biodegradable formula produces no smelly or harmful fumes; 2 Individual Use Pouches
  • 2 Quality BriteWipes® microfiber towels
  • Trusted by professionals and homeowners for daily and regular cleaning without worries
  • Works better than the leading products
  • Frustration free cleaning

Product description

When just one Simple Cleaning Single is not enough for the job or whether you just want more on hand to keep under each sink in the bathrooms and kitchen, you'll be glad you have the Spotless Shower Doors kit in your bathroom

Simply tear open the Simple Cleaning Single and pour out some onto a wet cleaning towel and you will have the cleaning power of the professionals in the palm of your hand. Brite and Clean Simple Cleaning Solution is guaranteed to remove even the toughest hard water stains from windows, shower doors, porcelain tile, sinks, toilets, stainless steel, chrome bathroom fixtures, automotive and marine windshields, granite countertops, fiberglass shower stalls and tubs and more.

This powerful professional formula has no smelly fumes and is easy on the hands. Trusted by professionals and homeowners for daily and regular cleaning without worries.

Simply sprinkle some powder onto a folded wet towel. Next rub in circles until the surface feels smooth. Repeat with more pressure if the stains are deeply ingrained.Our cost-effective and long lasting formula in our .5 oz Individual-Use Pack will out-perform and out last any other hard water stain remover.

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