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Removing hard water stains on commercial building's windows

So much of how your business or company is perceived by the public is related to the image you project. Most business owners are highly skilled in their field of expertise and know how to do their job well. Most business owners don't know how to, or even care to, clean their own windows or remove hard water stains from their property or office buildings.

It doesn't matter if you're the owner of the business or the building, or if you provide the professional cleaning for such clients, you REALLY need Brite & Clean's Ultimate Hard Water Stain Remover to safely and efficiently remove the hard water stains for your cleaning projects.

For nearly 26 years, we have been using this 'magical' formula to remove hard water stains for clients in the resort area of Palm Springs, California.

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How to remove hard water stains on commercial building windows
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Simple Cleaning Solution 6 oz. can
Brite & Clean Simple Cleaning Solution 6 oz bottle $13.99 FREE Shipping

When you have a bigger job to clean, count on the Simple Cleaning Solution to cover over 700 square feet of hard water stains in you home, office or auto.

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Simple Cleaning Singles 10-pack $24.99

Convenient single-use, and 2nd re-use, single pouches make quickly remove years of build up

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BriteWipes 5-pack microfiber towels $11.99

Used by professional cleaners and moms who want to get a streak-free shine on mirrors and windows using just water, without using chemicals.

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12 bottle case Brite & Clean Simple Cleaning Solution $143.88

For the larger users of the product who clean for a living, order up a case and save.

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Getting Started

The first step in removing your hard water stains is to "set up' and prepare your cleaning towel with the proper moisture and Brite & Clean product. Watch this video to learn how...

Cleaning by Hand

In this simple video, learn how to quickly and easily remove stubborn hard water stain accumulation as well as remove any oxidation and corrosion.

Faster Cleaning with Power Tools

Think your hard water stains are impossible to remove? It might just be that you have heavy corrosion and etching that would benefit from a little help from a power tool like a common hand sander.

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